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Friday, March 18, 2005

Yeah... the Brazilian Empire..

On Tuesdays UEFA match against FC Porto VS. FC Milano, Andriano scores a hat trick to lead FC Milano to there eighth time top four position.
Andriano is a new face on the star player filled Brazilian national team. How good is he?? Well... playing a hat trick in the UEFA top eight level is definitely enough to label him as one of the top players in the game.
How does Brazil never lack superstars? Every country that has competed in the World Cup knows that the odds are against them when they are playing against Brazil. Brazil is just packed with stars that emerge from their soccer loving national atmosphere. Everybody in Brazil loves soccer, and every person plays soccer as a child.
Even though i respect the Brazilian offensive soccer, and their love for the game, i must say that Brazilian soccer is becoming a major tool in the capitalist behavior of the game. All Brazilian stars move to big clubs outside their country driven by the higher pay check. The Brazilian national team is known to be the team that makes the most money from advertisement sponsers. Unfortunate, soccer players today are starting to choose where to play because of the money they get, rather then for the love of the city they belong to. Where is soccer going to... Brazilian Empire is incredible...


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