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Sunday, March 20, 2005


The cards have been layed! The eight finalist teams in the UEFA championship League will play for the top four spot on April 6th and April 14th! The results for the matchup draw have been extremely interesting! The cards are as following:
Liverpool vs. Juventus
Milan vs. Intel Milan
Lyon vs. PSV
Chelsey vs. Bayern.

Extremely exciting cards... But we all must be especially excited for one matchup in particular! Milan vs. Intel Milan! If im this excited, Italy is probably having a heart attack.

Link to "Uefa.com's game results page"

Yup... All teams left are relatively big names... Especially Juventus, Milan, Intel Milan, and Bayern. These four teams have always been top teams in their leagues.
I personally am pretty happy with these eight cards left, as most of these teams are not excessive player trading teams. ( I say 'most are not' because obviously, Chelsey is one of the greatest player buying team in the history of Soccer thanks to Ablamobitch GM.) Soccer should be about strategy and hot fans yelling at opponent fans, and then throwing beer bottles from time to time to each other. Soccer shouldn't be a sport about superstars who are on the verge of changing into nude models/actors.

Yeah.. Well basically what I'm saying is that, THANK GOD Real Madrid is out!! April and May, thanks to the excellent teams left in the UEFA cup, we fans are up for some excellent soccer!!


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