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Friday, March 11, 2005

The Spanish League is gone??

According to Sanspo.com, the Spanish sports newspaper have all been writing about one thing. The end of the Spanish football dynasty!

Link to Sanspo.com

Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the biggest names in the Spanish League have both lost before making it to the top 8 of the Eurocup. Wait a minute.. arent these two teams the teams that are EVERY YEAR on the top 10 club expenditure list? Yeah, thats right! These two teams have been bartering players with millions and millions of dollars annually as though the players were baseball trading cards! Yet... the empire is falling. Two Eurocups back, Real Madrid was top 4, One Eurocup back Real Madrid was top 8, and this Eurocup Real Madrid is top 16. I see a pattern. If this pattern continues, next year Real Madrid is going to be gone in Regionals! Interesting...

People probably wonder why this is happening to the Giant Spanish League clubs. Simple! A STAR PLAYER IS NOT A STAR FOREVER!! Real Madrid and Barcelona, being on the top 10 club expenditure list, spend over 100 million dollars annualy to trade in Star players. Real Madrid's starting roster alone, need to be payed over 100 million dollars in selary every year! Yet they loose... yes.. star players arent stars forever.. Lets take Zidane for example.

Zidane gets payed over 15 million dollars anunaly. Id say, for him to be worth all the money he is being paid, he should be playing every game, from the time of kick off all the way till the last whistle at the end of the loss time. He should be playing every game, and also at the level of STARDOM he is praised with. Yet, is he doing that? All the Eurocups fans must know what i am going to say next. Just this week, in the game against Chelsay, how did Zidane do?? He played HALF a game, and left the pitch!!! What a star he is... The huge club teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona should realize soon... star players arent stars forever! Zidane is 32 years old!! He is still a great player, but he isnt the BEST player he used to be! He is not worth all the money they are paying him!! Most star players are stars because they have played for years! Once a player is a star, unless they are young like Micheal Owen and Looney, they are not to be used as the center player of the team forever!! Zidame is old, and the Spanish big name club teams should concentrate more on developing younger players, recruiting the seeds, nurchuring the younger generation!! They should quit bartering for top players who are on the verge of retirement. Just because they have money, and they can affort the star players, doesnt mean that the star collection of theirs will take them to the top.



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