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Sunday, March 13, 2005

More problems MORE PROBLEMS!!!

First, just a week ago, few players and officials from the second league of Germany get arrested for trying to organize a fraudulent soccer match. Then yesterday, Frisk Anders, a well respected expert referee from Sweden anounces that he is going to quit refereeing because he is receiving on going and extremely horrifying threats.
What is happening to Soccer??? Superstars like Ilhan and Bechkam make millions on T.V commercials and government propaganda, while the smaller teams of football try to engage in set up matches, and referees that try to be fair, get extreme threats from fans of the big clubs of the game. It seems as though soccer is more and more becoming an monopoly of huge teams and superstars. The refree's, nstionsl football asociations, and eve FIFA, doesnt seem to have the power to control the on growing problems of the game. What should be done next?? Its extremely disturbing as a fan, to see the sport of soccer becoming corrupted due to its popularity and a few irresponsible fans.


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