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Monday, March 21, 2005

Little more about next years World Cup

How exciting is the prematches till the world cup?
The next world cup qualification match up games is set as below:

Africa Zone
March 26th and 27th

Asia Zone
March 25th and 30th

Europe Zone
March 26th and 30th

N America and Caribbean Zone
March 26th, 27th, and 30th

Oceanian Zone
No matches scheduled

South America Zone
March 26th, 27th, and 30th

For more information and match up cards go to FIFA.com

The past few months have been a quite time for soccer, but starting from next week, things are definitely starting to get pumped up!
There are few cards that I am particularly interested in, and I recommend any soccer fan to view the following matches:

Egypt vs. Libya - March 27th
Iran vs. Japan - March 25th
France vs. Switzerland - March 26th
Italy vs. Scotland - March 26th
Bulgaria vs. Sweden - March 26th
Peru vs. Equador - March 30th

These games are pre-matches, and therefore probably all of these teams might not have all their best players in their rosters. Yet, at this quite time in Soccer, these match up are definitely a little spark of excitement. I recommend every soccer lover to view at least one of these games.

I can readily predict that Zidane (France) and Alessandro Del Pierro (Italy) and at least a couple more of the star players from the national teams listed above won't show up for these games.. ofcourse, because they are star players who are too important for their club teams to let go even for half a week. Capitalist soccer is seriously terrible. Yet, I still think these matches above are worth a watch, even without those star players that would not make it to the game.
Exciting week of soccer coming up!


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