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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Little about next years World Cup

There seems to be very little action in the soccer world these past few months... yet every soccer fan in the world is defnitely already starting to pump themselves up for next years 2006 World Cup Germany.
Next years world cup will be a test for the stars. The soccer world is going through a changing stage. Pay checks for the star players are a record high, yet, there is very little emergence of new stars. Like Ilhan's emergence in Korea/Japan World Cup 2002, the world is waiting on new hero's. World Cup 2006, in my point of view, will definitely be one heck of a world cup filled with new faces.
Brazil = Robelto Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronadinio. Italy - Totti France - Zidane
etc... all star players for the major soccer empire nations are definitely turning old. Heck, most of them have been around since World Cup 1994 USA.
I am already ready looking to buy tickets for next years world cup, and im sure every soccer fan who is planning to visit Germany next year is already looking into tickets.
Lets all soccer fans keep our hopes high and enjoy the countdown.

One year of waiting, and its all worth it!!! FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME!!


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