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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little About Lyon

According to Uefa.com, Lyon is hoping to become a more internationally popular soccer team due to their triumph in the UEFA leagues.

Link to Uefa.com

The reason Lyon is not popular is not because Lyon lacks star players. Most people believe that Lyon is strong but unpopular because it bares no star face. Yet, I don't think the fact that Lyon doesn't have any star players has to do at all with Lyons unpopularity. Lyon is not popular because Lyon is a boring team. Most star teams try to win by scoring as many points as they can, while Lyon tries to win by scoring one and then defending that one point for the rest of the game. Lyon is an extremely defensive team, and soccer fans don't really enjoy defensive teams.
I feel Lyon is fine the way it is. If Lyon tries to change its soccer strategy to become more popular, Lyon would not be as strong as it is today. Lyon's strength is its defensiveness, and even though defensiveness doesn't earn Lyon the popularity it wants, it still keeps the team strong.
Even if Lyon wins the UEFA cup they probably wont earn the popularity that other UEFA cup champion teams earn after winning a trophy. Yet, Lyon's age will begin as long as they keep their soccer into focus, and I very strongly hope that they don't change their style of soccer.


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