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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bayern Strikes Back

League Bundesliga has always seen Bayern as one its top teams. This year, Bayern seems to be not just one of the top team, but looks like its pacing as the BEST team in the Bundesliga.
Bayern, is definitely one of the top teams in the prestigieous Bundesliga. Yet, even though it is a rich club, there is something different about Bayern compared to other rich top teams in other leagues like Liga espaniola and Ceria A. Bayern, is not a team run by super stars. It definitely has a pool of great star players like Kahn and Makaay, but doesnt depend on those players as the symbol of the club. Bayern has an collectively aggressive attitude towards soccer, which is not focused on individual players abilities. Bayern builds its players through time, rather then constantly chasing to barter star players like Real Madrid or Milan does. Bayern`s steady strategy for the game is definitely paying off, as Bayern has remained as one of the top teams for the past decade. This year, as of 3/19th, Bayern is on the top of the Bundesliga. Bayern is definitely increasing the level of soccer for the entire world.


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