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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Little About Lyon

According to Uefa.com, Lyon is hoping to become a more internationally popular soccer team due to their triumph in the UEFA leagues.

Link to Uefa.com

The reason Lyon is not popular is not because Lyon lacks star players. Most people believe that Lyon is strong but unpopular because it bares no star face. Yet, I don't think the fact that Lyon doesn't have any star players has to do at all with Lyons unpopularity. Lyon is not popular because Lyon is a boring team. Most star teams try to win by scoring as many points as they can, while Lyon tries to win by scoring one and then defending that one point for the rest of the game. Lyon is an extremely defensive team, and soccer fans don't really enjoy defensive teams.
I feel Lyon is fine the way it is. If Lyon tries to change its soccer strategy to become more popular, Lyon would not be as strong as it is today. Lyon's strength is its defensiveness, and even though defensiveness doesn't earn Lyon the popularity it wants, it still keeps the team strong.
Even if Lyon wins the UEFA cup they probably wont earn the popularity that other UEFA cup champion teams earn after winning a trophy. Yet, Lyon's age will begin as long as they keep their soccer into focus, and I very strongly hope that they don't change their style of soccer.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Little more about next years World Cup

How exciting is the prematches till the world cup?
The next world cup qualification match up games is set as below:

Africa Zone
March 26th and 27th

Asia Zone
March 25th and 30th

Europe Zone
March 26th and 30th

N America and Caribbean Zone
March 26th, 27th, and 30th

Oceanian Zone
No matches scheduled

South America Zone
March 26th, 27th, and 30th

For more information and match up cards go to FIFA.com

The past few months have been a quite time for soccer, but starting from next week, things are definitely starting to get pumped up!
There are few cards that I am particularly interested in, and I recommend any soccer fan to view the following matches:

Egypt vs. Libya - March 27th
Iran vs. Japan - March 25th
France vs. Switzerland - March 26th
Italy vs. Scotland - March 26th
Bulgaria vs. Sweden - March 26th
Peru vs. Equador - March 30th

These games are pre-matches, and therefore probably all of these teams might not have all their best players in their rosters. Yet, at this quite time in Soccer, these match up are definitely a little spark of excitement. I recommend every soccer lover to view at least one of these games.

I can readily predict that Zidane (France) and Alessandro Del Pierro (Italy) and at least a couple more of the star players from the national teams listed above won't show up for these games.. ofcourse, because they are star players who are too important for their club teams to let go even for half a week. Capitalist soccer is seriously terrible. Yet, I still think these matches above are worth a watch, even without those star players that would not make it to the game.
Exciting week of soccer coming up!

Sunday, March 20, 2005


The cards have been layed! The eight finalist teams in the UEFA championship League will play for the top four spot on April 6th and April 14th! The results for the matchup draw have been extremely interesting! The cards are as following:
Liverpool vs. Juventus
Milan vs. Intel Milan
Lyon vs. PSV
Chelsey vs. Bayern.

Extremely exciting cards... But we all must be especially excited for one matchup in particular! Milan vs. Intel Milan! If im this excited, Italy is probably having a heart attack.

Link to "Uefa.com's game results page"

Yup... All teams left are relatively big names... Especially Juventus, Milan, Intel Milan, and Bayern. These four teams have always been top teams in their leagues.
I personally am pretty happy with these eight cards left, as most of these teams are not excessive player trading teams. ( I say 'most are not' because obviously, Chelsey is one of the greatest player buying team in the history of Soccer thanks to Ablamobitch GM.) Soccer should be about strategy and hot fans yelling at opponent fans, and then throwing beer bottles from time to time to each other. Soccer shouldn't be a sport about superstars who are on the verge of changing into nude models/actors.

Yeah.. Well basically what I'm saying is that, THANK GOD Real Madrid is out!! April and May, thanks to the excellent teams left in the UEFA cup, we fans are up for some excellent soccer!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bayern Strikes Back

League Bundesliga has always seen Bayern as one its top teams. This year, Bayern seems to be not just one of the top team, but looks like its pacing as the BEST team in the Bundesliga.
Bayern, is definitely one of the top teams in the prestigieous Bundesliga. Yet, even though it is a rich club, there is something different about Bayern compared to other rich top teams in other leagues like Liga espaniola and Ceria A. Bayern, is not a team run by super stars. It definitely has a pool of great star players like Kahn and Makaay, but doesnt depend on those players as the symbol of the club. Bayern has an collectively aggressive attitude towards soccer, which is not focused on individual players abilities. Bayern builds its players through time, rather then constantly chasing to barter star players like Real Madrid or Milan does. Bayern`s steady strategy for the game is definitely paying off, as Bayern has remained as one of the top teams for the past decade. This year, as of 3/19th, Bayern is on the top of the Bundesliga. Bayern is definitely increasing the level of soccer for the entire world.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Yeah... the Brazilian Empire..

On Tuesdays UEFA match against FC Porto VS. FC Milano, Andriano scores a hat trick to lead FC Milano to there eighth time top four position.
Andriano is a new face on the star player filled Brazilian national team. How good is he?? Well... playing a hat trick in the UEFA top eight level is definitely enough to label him as one of the top players in the game.
How does Brazil never lack superstars? Every country that has competed in the World Cup knows that the odds are against them when they are playing against Brazil. Brazil is just packed with stars that emerge from their soccer loving national atmosphere. Everybody in Brazil loves soccer, and every person plays soccer as a child.
Even though i respect the Brazilian offensive soccer, and their love for the game, i must say that Brazilian soccer is becoming a major tool in the capitalist behavior of the game. All Brazilian stars move to big clubs outside their country driven by the higher pay check. The Brazilian national team is known to be the team that makes the most money from advertisement sponsers. Unfortunate, soccer players today are starting to choose where to play because of the money they get, rather then for the love of the city they belong to. Where is soccer going to... Brazilian Empire is incredible...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

New problems in Soccer

Where is the boundary between national games and international games? The placement matches for World Cup 2006 have been going on since beginning of 2004. Up to today, most placement matches have included many teams, strong and also completely unknown to the soccer world. Yet, from April 2005 the matches will start to be more competitive, as only the best teams of each region will be left.
Since all countries will be competing against other soccer empires, every national team would most definitely want its best players to make it to the national games.
Here comes the dilemma. Every soccer club that has a star player, is resentful to send its star players back for national games. The reason for this is simple. Its because every large soccer club is a capitalist organization, looking for a bigger profit. The star players are their major source of income. One star player lacking in a game, changes the amount of TV viewers at an incredible rate. For this reason, clubs don't allow their best players to leave for national games until 48 hours before the game. Sometimes, clubs don't allow players to leave at all.
Now in my point of view, that's just crazy. What games are the most exciting games in soccer? Which games catches the most viewers and makes the entire world spin around in one theme? The national games are the games that soccer fans look forward to the most. In most countries of the world, people who are not even interested in Soccer get excited for national team games.
Yes, national team games give no profit to the clubs. Yet, FIFA should impose more strict rules to the clubs, so that star players are allowed to return for national games as a priority. Soccer is a sport for fans, and a sport that is largely about national prides colliding with each other. Its just bizarre that the most exciting games in the sport become less then priority, because of clubs greed for bigger profits.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Little about next years World Cup

There seems to be very little action in the soccer world these past few months... yet every soccer fan in the world is defnitely already starting to pump themselves up for next years 2006 World Cup Germany.
Next years world cup will be a test for the stars. The soccer world is going through a changing stage. Pay checks for the star players are a record high, yet, there is very little emergence of new stars. Like Ilhan's emergence in Korea/Japan World Cup 2002, the world is waiting on new hero's. World Cup 2006, in my point of view, will definitely be one heck of a world cup filled with new faces.
Brazil = Robelto Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronadinio. Italy - Totti France - Zidane
etc... all star players for the major soccer empire nations are definitely turning old. Heck, most of them have been around since World Cup 1994 USA.
I am already ready looking to buy tickets for next years world cup, and im sure every soccer fan who is planning to visit Germany next year is already looking into tickets.
Lets all soccer fans keep our hopes high and enjoy the countdown.

One year of waiting, and its all worth it!!! FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

More problems MORE PROBLEMS!!!

First, just a week ago, few players and officials from the second league of Germany get arrested for trying to organize a fraudulent soccer match. Then yesterday, Frisk Anders, a well respected expert referee from Sweden anounces that he is going to quit refereeing because he is receiving on going and extremely horrifying threats.
What is happening to Soccer??? Superstars like Ilhan and Bechkam make millions on T.V commercials and government propaganda, while the smaller teams of football try to engage in set up matches, and referees that try to be fair, get extreme threats from fans of the big clubs of the game. It seems as though soccer is more and more becoming an monopoly of huge teams and superstars. The refree's, nstionsl football asociations, and eve FIFA, doesnt seem to have the power to control the on growing problems of the game. What should be done next?? Its extremely disturbing as a fan, to see the sport of soccer becoming corrupted due to its popularity and a few irresponsible fans.

Friday, March 11, 2005

The Spanish League is gone??

According to Sanspo.com, the Spanish sports newspaper have all been writing about one thing. The end of the Spanish football dynasty!

Link to Sanspo.com

Real Madrid and Barcelona, two of the biggest names in the Spanish League have both lost before making it to the top 8 of the Eurocup. Wait a minute.. arent these two teams the teams that are EVERY YEAR on the top 10 club expenditure list? Yeah, thats right! These two teams have been bartering players with millions and millions of dollars annually as though the players were baseball trading cards! Yet... the empire is falling. Two Eurocups back, Real Madrid was top 4, One Eurocup back Real Madrid was top 8, and this Eurocup Real Madrid is top 16. I see a pattern. If this pattern continues, next year Real Madrid is going to be gone in Regionals! Interesting...

People probably wonder why this is happening to the Giant Spanish League clubs. Simple! A STAR PLAYER IS NOT A STAR FOREVER!! Real Madrid and Barcelona, being on the top 10 club expenditure list, spend over 100 million dollars annualy to trade in Star players. Real Madrid's starting roster alone, need to be payed over 100 million dollars in selary every year! Yet they loose... yes.. star players arent stars forever.. Lets take Zidane for example.

Zidane gets payed over 15 million dollars anunaly. Id say, for him to be worth all the money he is being paid, he should be playing every game, from the time of kick off all the way till the last whistle at the end of the loss time. He should be playing every game, and also at the level of STARDOM he is praised with. Yet, is he doing that? All the Eurocups fans must know what i am going to say next. Just this week, in the game against Chelsay, how did Zidane do?? He played HALF a game, and left the pitch!!! What a star he is... The huge club teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona should realize soon... star players arent stars forever! Zidane is 32 years old!! He is still a great player, but he isnt the BEST player he used to be! He is not worth all the money they are paying him!! Most star players are stars because they have played for years! Once a player is a star, unless they are young like Micheal Owen and Looney, they are not to be used as the center player of the team forever!! Zidame is old, and the Spanish big name club teams should concentrate more on developing younger players, recruiting the seeds, nurchuring the younger generation!! They should quit bartering for top players who are on the verge of retirement. Just because they have money, and they can affort the star players, doesnt mean that the star collection of theirs will take them to the top.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Manchester United and Real Madrid GONE!!

UEFA Championship League

Two of the richest, most powerful, football empires of the game have lost before making into the best 8!!! How great could that be?? The empires that are all about money making and buying star players into there teams have lost BEFORE making it even to the top 10!!
Yeah, Chelsy, Juventos, and Milan, other biggies of the game are still left... but so what?? Isnt it great that finally all the Brazilian star players driven by the Real Madrid pay check have been defeated by other teams that they so proudly looked down on?

So far. Chelsey, and its filthy rich Ablamobitch GM's big investment seems to be paying off well in this tournament... hopefully he would realize soon, through defeat that football isnt played with money, but played with tactics and coordination. NOT INDIVIDUALISM.